Episode is an intriguing blend of a visual book and teenage life simulator, which allows you to learn more about the thickness of play, unshared enjoy, passionate dating, backstabbing and more. Using Episode, designed for mobile platforms (like Android), you can invent your love play.


Episode includes tens of thousands of working events: several were written by the studio and other by the enthusiast episode hack. The Absolute Most Well-known types would be:

I married a priest. Youas a kid of the very noble and older family, have been guaranteed into the heir to the throne because of his future spouse. Will the enjoy spark in between you and him?

Terrible Boy’s Girl. Your personality has had a beat Jay for years today. But most of the sudden his half-brother returns from another city and joins the own class. What spin will the narrative take from that particular point?

Started with a lie. Falling in love and investigating a murder mystery entirely intertwine, although press follows you wherever you go.

It started with a Bra. Well, it’d much better be explored .

In Episode game you’re given total freedom of imitating appearances of your avatar and your own crush. Skin-color & elegance, hairstyle, clothing products, create and body, facial capabilities – layout the interest of your dream!

Once the character type is complete, you may become straight into the actions and survive through every single situation you like. Exercise trashtalking, compete along your crush’s awareness, create pals and show the true colors of those who betrayed you… Every determination in Episode can influence the outcome of the total story one way or another. So you can replay them until all of the endings possible are unlocked.

Besides it is possible to be an author/director inside this game as well. Concoct a plot, make figures with characters that are unique. Throw in this particular cocktail a bizarre storyline having a couple unexpected twists. And needless to say don’t overlook the X-factor, which is likely to make this crazy mix burst – romance.

Whenever your scenario is polished and complete, you can share it on line with the supporter network: around one hundred million persons like Episode’s stories.


Episode is technically a collection of interactive picture books. Along with its particular 2D art-style is really decent and lovely. It has a tinge of gloss and glamour, that might be so critical in the drama/love experiences, including young adults. Cutscenes and dialogues are absolutely eloquent and don’t really stutter and general Episode looks and seems very powerful.


The game doesn’t require too many frequent gestures out of you. Just opt for a term you want your character to saydo swiping/tapping if looking for a new outfit/hairstyle outside and also you ‘ll be helpful. Other than that you’re perhaps not engaged directly inside the game’s action.